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The vision of OLHIE is to accelerate the rate and decrease the cost of connecting with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) To achieve OLHIE’s vision we plan to facilitate the widespread reuse of HIE interfaces, documentation and other assets especially those developed with federal or state funding. OLHIE version 1.0 will be an asset registry and interactive digital repository for HIE related assets and an online collaborative space designed to support the rapid development of HIEs. We plan to continue to evolve OLHIE by developing it into a one-stop shop for all open source Health Information Exchange assets, Community Workshops and related consulting services.


We hope that you take some time to view the videos that we put together that describe OLHIE in some detail. They were created from the July 26, 2013 demonstration the OLHIE team conducted for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC).


Get a quick glance at what’s next at OLHIE. We are already scheduling on site visits with our early adopters and supporters. We will start with requirements gathering and establishing the development environment.

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